The Assassin – Going back to Cali

She’s on the move! Although Dallas has been a good place to call home, Brandi “The Assassin” Marino has decided to move back home to California. “It’s time to be closer to home with my family and support system” says Brandi.  Home is where the heart is and it brings out “her best visionary self”, [...]

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Going ‘PAWSitively’ Beyond for the Dogs

In March 2014, I logged on to Facebook and starring me in the face was a dog whose sad eyes told the story of immense pain he was in. This wasn’t the first time I had seen this pain, nor the first time I have helped Paws in the City relieve some of the painful [...]

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Adopt, Don’t Shop

Anyone that owns a dog knows the love that they give, give, give––it is unconditional. Did you know dogs are good for your health, too? Dogs have been used for many years as a means of therapy in hospitals across the world, and research shows there are many health benefits to owning your own “man’s [...]

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5 BEYOND the norm uses for coconut oil

By now you've probably heard of the miracle properties and uses of coconut oil. It's anti microbial, full of antioxidants, and high in essential fatty acids. Check out these 5 useful tips for getting the most out of this precious oil.   The Ultimate Pout :   Slowly warm 1-2 oz of cold pressed coconut [...]

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Go Beyond With Brandi Marino

Meet BEYOND Studios founder Brandi Marino. You may have already sweat it out with Brandi in one of her killer Pilates classes, but did you know her BEYOND alias is The Assassin? Read below and find out what motivated Brandi to go above and beyond to bring a new kind of killer and effective workout [...]

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