BEYOND offers an amazing licensing opportunity that will help you turn your passion for fitness into a fulfilling dream job. We’ll help you create an environment for success while experiencing the joy of helping women of all shapes and sizes to look and feel their best. You’ll enjoy the instant brand recognition and goodwill associated with our fun and engaging classes andour warm and welcoming studios.

If you are seeking financial independence and have a passion for helping others achieve healthy lifestyles, contact us now about managing and growing your own BEYOND fitness business in this growing industry!

We take the guesswork out of opening your own BEYOND studio by licensing our proven and effective:

  • Class format
  • Music Selection
  • Comprehensive training program for you and your instructors


The benefits associated with an affordable BEYOND license agreement are long:
  • Guidance on site selection, commercial build out, and equipment purchasing
  • Guidance on initial hiring, training, scheduling, and best practices
  • Certification in BEYOND’s nationally recognized BEYOND teacher training program, BEYOND
    (minimal travel expenses to be covered by licensee)
  • Right to use professional logo, photography, signs and artwork, including PMS and CMYK colors and brand standards
  • Dedicated studio location page on BEYOND’s optimized website
  • Inclusion in BEYOND’s social media marketing
  • Dynamic music for exciting classes
  • Choreographed fitness routines and schedule of choreography


BEYOND helps women of all sizes and abilities look, feel and be their best, inside and out, by facilitating effective, empowering, and energetic workouts in our warm, boutique BEYOND fitness studios.

Our workouts are both dance and fitness inspired to trim, tighten, and tone the entire body. We follow the foundational principles of BEYOND workouts by isolating, overloading, and stretching each muscle group, one by one, resulting in long and lean appearing muscle tone. What sets BEYOND apart is that our workouts are tough, and we like them that way. Not for difficulties sake, but because we want our clients to see quick results and lasting change, and they do! Our signature BEYOND workout, BEYOND, is known for being challenging, energizing, and fun.

  • We treat our clients like family.
  • The only things we’re serious about are our workouts and providing above BEYOND client service. Other than that, we do not take ourselves too seriously.
  • Our business and our team are authentic!
  • When we mess up, we own it.
  • There is no room for complacency in our organization. We continually strive to improve the lives of our clients, the lives of our team, and the quality of our business. Much like our BEYOND classes, we keep moving, pushing toward the next level of achievement; higher, tighter, better.

If you believe in our mission and embody our core values, then please continue to read about working with our team and complete our request for more information.

Our BEYOND studios are unique, boutique, feminine, and inclusive. Clients come as much for our engaging workouts and the results they provide, as they do for the sense of community our instructors and owners foster. We are serious about our workouts, and serious about having fun. Cursing, yelling, and laughing are all encouraged in and outside of our studio doors.


There’s a lot more to opening a studio than money, but in addition to an honest work ethic and a whole lot of heart, a little cash never hurt! Expect that your total investment to open a studio will be between $50,000 and $100,000. Much less than the cost of creating your own brand. If you plan to secure a loan for part of your investment, you should plan to have $20,000 to $50,000 in liquid assets available when applying with your lender.


We are looking to partner with individuals that believe in our mission and embody our core values. If you have experience in dance, fitness, sales, marketing, or small business management and operations and are interested in learning more about BEYOND’s licensing opportunity, then please contact us through our inquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch with you!


Everything you need to know about becoming a BEYOND Studios Owner: Requirements, steps and timing. We’ll work with you to complete the multi-phased process beginning with the online application below. The perfect blending of many factors makes BEYOND unique. The convenience and affordability of our product, for both Studio owners and members, is just one of the many features allowing our concept to thrive.


BEYOND offers a successful business model and a market-leading brand. To maintain our brand and to continue our growth as a Studio, we want to ensure that our opportunity is a good match for you.


Select a market that you know and love and is available for current development


Adequate capitalization — Requirements vary by market, please email accounting@theBEYONDstudios.com for more specifics.


Because our brand is so unique, we require all those interested in franchising to participate in a minimum of 5-10 currently offered classes. If you have prior fitness, retail, hospitality or management experience, we heart that! An understanding of, and a drive to engage in, marketing and community involvement.

Follow the 5 steps below to get a BEYOND open in your city.




*This web site and the Studio sales information on this site do not constitute an offer to sell a Studio. The offer of a Studio can only be made through the delivery of a Studio disclosure document or FDD. Certain states require that we register the FDD in those states. The communications on this web site are not directed by us to the residents of any of those states. Moreover, we will not offer or sell Studios in those states until we have registered the Studio (or obtained an applicable exemption from registration) and delivered the FDD to the prospective BEYOND Studios Owner in compliance with applicable law.