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A dynamic class that is anything but boring


This trio of elements is how we maximize your 50-minute workout: we challenge you to mentally connect to your muscles and push yourself to an empowering new level of fitness; we use tempo-specific beats to lead you through innovative movement combinations in varying time domains; we incorporate functional, Pilates-inspired exercises to keep your body lean, healthy and mobile.

Progression is key


Pilates Hybrid Interval Training, or cardio intensity reformed, is how we give clients a mixture of low and high intensity intervals by way of a safe, fun and different path. Interval training combines short bursts of speed (or, as we like to call it, movements that require a little more caffeine) with slower, more mind-provoking movements during recovery phases. We carefully select movements and combinations that work both the aerobic and anaerobic systems and can be progressed over time.

Our PHIT intervals are safer for your body

You won’t experience the repetitive overuse of muscles that you might have experienced before as a cardio junkie in a past life — this allows BEYOND clients to train intensely without getting burned out mentally or physically. We are not believers in an all high intensity workout program all the time, since we recognize the possible injuries it may cause. This is why we incorporate the Pilates-inspired exercises into each of our sessions.

PHIT workouts are performed on careful selected equipment

Our workouts provide a more sustainable approach to get in shape without going to extremes. You’ll find the magical happy place between strength, sweat and mobility. Not to mention, our resistance component in workouts like 500 keep you burning calories for hours after the 50-minute class is up. The afterburn, or metabolic boost, means your workout isn’t done even after you walk out our doors.

Empowered since 2010



When Brandi Marino left the city of angels, and moved to Dallas, Texas in Spring 2010, BEYOND was born. She combined her life passions and experience to develop a fiercely independent, highly imaginative, determined-to-the-core concept focused on empowering and inspiring people to make changes BEYOND their wildest expectations. Through careful thought, consideration and training a developed a team of instructors were created who share their vision.


BEYOND classes guarantee you a sweaty, intense workout that’s anything but routine or recognizable from other fitness classes. From the start to the finish line, we coach you on the proper posture and body alignment with Pilates-based instruction, adding focus, concentration and fluidity to each workout. We’ll bring awareness to your core to help you achieve a more efficient performance, more effective workouts and better form. How do we do this? With a strong clear structure driven by MUSIC. We call it, The BEYOND way.


If one way doesn’t work, a different one will. Fitness isn’t one size fits all; we respect that fact and seek solutions when implementing new ideas, workouts or new staff members to our family & clients. Our actions change as ideas evolve and we act accordingly, fitness evolves everyday and so do our clients and our instructors.


This high intensity group inventive Pilates-minded workout guarantees you a heart-pumping, intense and mind-freeing workout. We’re inspired by the talented work of many fitness individuals, and we strive to preserve and protect their methods, but we promise to seamlessly combine those principles with new, exciting fitness developments to meet today’s client needs. We believe in constant evolution, continuous innovation and genuine care. It’s what makes us different, and it’s felt each time you walk through our door. We seek out forward thinking workouts with integrated training program that incorporates familiar fitness principals. We are not rigid or regimented, offer options with thought provoking workouts. We work to redefine, remaster and remix workouts to keep our clients going #BEYOND.

Five targeted principles behind the powerful results


You’ll be educated on how to start and run your BEYOND franchise.

Want to avoid expensive start up mistakes? BEYOND has an executive team of fitness professionals with experience in different markets including Dallas, Los Angeles and New York. BEYOND pioneered the group reformer workout in Dallas Texas.

Brand names bring more clients into your business and provide a competitive advantage that independent units can seldom afford.

Franchisers try to keep your business as simple as possible so that you can concentrate on the activities that will make you the most money.

We will use our expertise to assist you in your startup so that you can begin filing classes right away instead of trying to work out unforeseen problems.