A dynamic class that is anything but boring


This trio of elements is how we maximize your 50-minute workout: we challenge you to mentally connect to your muscles and push yourself to an empowering new level of fitness; we use tempo-specific beats to lead you through innovative movement combinations in varying time domains; we incorporate functional, Pilates-inspired exercises to keep your body lean, healthy and mobile.

Progression is key


Pilates Hybrid Interval Training, or cardio intensity reformed, is how we give clients a mixture of low and high intensity intervals by way of a safe, fun and different path. Interval training combines short bursts of speed (or, as we like to call it, movements that require a little more caffeine) with slower, more mind-provoking movements during recovery phases. We carefully select movements and combinations that work both the aerobic and anaerobic systems and can be progressed over time.

Our PHIT intervals are safer for your body

You won’t experience the repetitive overuse of muscles that you might have experienced before as a cardio junkie in a past life — this allows BEYOND clients to train intensely without getting burned out mentally or physically. We are not believers in an all high intensity workout program all the time, since we recognize the possible injuries it may cause. This is why we incorporate the Pilates-inspired exercises into each of our sessions.

PHIT workouts are performed on careful selected equipment

Our workouts provide a more sustainable approach to get in shape without going to extremes. You’ll find the magical happy place between strength, sweat and mobility. Not to mention, our resistance component in workouts like 500 keep you burning calories for hours after the 50-minute class is up. The afterburn, or metabolic boost, means your workout isn’t done even after you walk out our doors.

Empowered since 2010


Five targeted principles behind the powerful results


Breaking up a workout into short bouts of exercise on different pieces of equipment or utilizing different props or accessories helps challenge the muscles to work differently on each piece of equipment. This, in turn, can help improve aerobic capacity while reducing the risk of overuse injuries from doing too much of the same exercise. The focus on form and function leads to safe and improved movement patterns.

Mobility or flexibility exercises can reduce muscle tension and improve joint range of motion, which is essential for enhancing overall movement efficiency.

Cardiorespiratory training improves the ability to both move oxygen and nutrients to work muscles and to remove metabolic waste, which allows muscles to continue to perform a particular activity.

Resistance-training exercises help improve both muscle strength, which can elevate resting metabolism (the number of calories burned while at rest) and functional performance in a variety of activities.

The music is one of the most powerful aspects of our workout and by creating a dynamic playlist that controls the tempo and timing of your class you create a better workout.