5 BEYOND the norm uses for coconut oil

By now you’ve probably heard of the miracle properties and uses of coconut oil. It’s anti microbial, full of antioxidants, and high in essential fatty acids. Check out these 5 useful tips for getting the most out of this precious oil.


The Ultimate Pout :


Slowly warm 1-2 oz of cold pressed coconut oil until it just hits a soft liquid form. Mix in 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and pour the contents into a tin or plastic balm container. You can usually find those at a health foods store in the skin care section. Allow it to cool and set. Use this balm on your lips. The oil will moisturize and the cinnamon will give a slight plump as it draws blood circulation to the area. (Add or lessen the cinnamon for more or less plumping effect)


Cuticle Salve:


Repeat steps for process above, only without the cinnamon. Winter is right around the corner so sure to moisturize and keep the cracked cuticles at bay. Add a drop or 2 of essential lavender or other oils for a touch of aromatherapy


Metabolism Booster:

More studies are showing that some saturated fats are good for you. Have you heard the latest trend of putting butter in your coffee? Try this


Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil into your coffee. The fat will help suppress appetite while buffering the court is all the facts, while the caffeine will give a boost and your energy and also help to suppress appetite. Not a fan of the flavor of coconut oil? Try adding a few drops of natural vanilla extract to add extra flavor.


Eye makeup remover:


Emulsify a dab of cold pressed coconut oil on the back of your hand, then dip a q-tip into the oil and  swab away. For a more hands on approach you can use your pinky finger to cover a larger area.


Scar Minimizer:


Because of it’s high vitamin E content and anti-microbial properties, coconut oil makes an exceptional scar minimizing remedy for any minor scrapes and wounds.


There you have it! 5 BEYOND the norm uses for coconut oil that are good for the mind and body. Which ones will you try this week?


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