As part of an ongoing blog series to educate our clients, the BEYONDblog will cover various topics aimed to enhance our clients’ health and wellness. This week we chatted with Snap Kitchen’s Daniel Magoon, a registered dietitian for the healthy take-away eatery popping up around Dallas, on how to eat healthy (and delicious) meals while always on-the-go.



BEYONDblog: What’s your background as a dietitian?


DANIEL: I have been with Snap Kitchen for almost 4 years now. I worked as a manager in Austin while I completed my studies at UT in dietetics. While I was a student, I involved myself as a nutritional advisor for a local church and preschool, became a nutrition peer educator on campus, and was highly involved in The Body Project, a program designed to help women on campus improve their body image and self-esteem. My dietetic rotations varied from oncology to cystic fibrosis, but ultimately I came back home to Snap Kitchen and have loved working in this new role since August. I passed my exam this past November and have been trying to take over the world ever since.


BEYONDblog: As a dietitian, what do you do for Snap Kitchen?


DANIEL: Essentially, I talk about food every day – sometimes all day. Every day is different depending on the time of the year. When we put out a new menu, I spend my time creating new meal plans, updating allergen guides or other nutritional resources for our customers, and educating the staff on the new menu items with taste tests (of course). My nerdier days are spent translating science into relatable conversation in “Lunch & Learns” with various companies or client consultations that want a more specific approach to health. This question makes me love my job even more because I never have a “typical day.” I still consider myself new to the Dallas area so every person I meet is a new chance to talk about food, which usually involves where to find the best queso.


BEYONDblog: What can you tell us about Snap Kitchen that most people don’t know?


DANIEL: For the readers that have never tried Snap Kitchen before: our food is outstanding. Our first priority is making delicious food and I think we do a great job redirecting the negative stigma towards “health food” always tasting like grass and tree bark. Our Vegetable Lasagna is gluten free and plant powered but is packed with fresh flavors that shine with layer. Instead of pasta, we use vegetables that create the same texture but you never feel like you’ve missed out – especially on flavor. Did I mention that we happen to be healthy too?

For those who are already in love with our food: come try our new menu! We are currently in our spring menu with plenty of delicious new items like our Lamb Kefta and Grass Fed Beef Meatballs & Peppers.


BEYONDblog: Some people are apathetic about their diets while others are obsessed with the latest fad. What does it look like to simply live a healthy life each day, in your opinion?


DANIEL: This is a tough one because it’s so different for each person. I think people are on their own journey of health and it’s okay that one person’s approach may look different than someone else’s. My lifestyle includes eating multiple meals throughout the day so I have the energy to push me through the workday and run with my dog later that evening. Meals should be a nourishing experience that give your body more than immediate satisfaction and between meals should be spent being you to the best of your ability, and not obsessing over what you just ate, what your next meal will be, or if you can have that piece of chocolate later. Life is full of many things and I think we are at our healthiest when we are able to find that balance between it all. That is why I find the journey so beautiful: it’s more than one meal, one workout, or one diet. Each day is creating a lifestyle that allows you to push yourself beyond your limits.


BEYONDblog: We love going beyond our limits at BEYOND Studios! Can you give some advice to our readers on how to live a balanced life when it comes to eating healthy with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle?


DANIEL: Have you heard of Snap Kitchen? (Insert cheesy wink and snap here)

That is what we are truly about: being a resource to those who want to live a healthy lifestyle but do not have the time to cook every meal. We have breakfast, lunch, dinner, salads, snacks, and cookies! Our kitchen is cooking every day and each stores gets multiple deliveries throughout the day so we always have the freshest foods on our shelves. If cooking is something you enjoy, don’t hesitate to still come by! I love to cook and our new menu items constantly inspire me. Who knew you could make gluten free enchiladas with a Paleo tortilla? We enjoy being an educational resource to the community so we can nourish each guest beyond a full belly.


BEYONDblog: What are some main things people should steer clear of to stay healthy?


DANIEL: Negativity for sure. You missed your workout today? Okay, get at it tomorrow! You had some extra queso at dinner last night? My jealousy aside, include a few more veggies today! One not-so-great decision will not destroy all the hard work you put in before that cookie, but giving food so much power over your life will never keep you at your healthiest. The mantra is “everything in moderation” and that includes exercise, wine, and brownies.


BEYONDblog: What are some good post workout foods that Snap offers?


DANIEL: Oh so many! After a run, I love rehydrating with one of our cold-pressed juices, especially the Energy Boost or Easy Greens. Our Go Bars and War Bars are great for any rumbling tummy before cooking your full meal. And our meals are packed with great sources of protein to help build those muscles you just exhausted during your workout. Just ask our snappy staff to direct you to the best choices.


BEYONDblog: Any health pointers for our readers to take away?


DANIEL: I think the best thing I can leave you with came ages ago from Hippocrates when he said “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.” Such a simple message that we try to over complicate every day. Let’s strive to be healthy, not skinny. What we put in our body will affect us, so how can we be the healthiest version of ourselves? I have stressed that I see health as a journey, so remember that it is okay too.


BEYONDblog: What’s your favorite meal at Snap Kitchen?


DANIEL: The Turkey Chili is the first meal I ever tried at Snap Kitchen many moons ago and it is still one of my favorite items on our shelves. I will be at the front of the mob holding a pitchfork if it ever goes away.


BEYONDblog: Finally, we were so happy to see a new Snap Kitchen so close to Beyond Henderson! Does Snap have future growth plans for the Dallas area?


DANIEL: Oh we love being on the southeast corner of Fitzhugh and North Central Expressway near BEYOND Henderson! We just opened our fifth DFW location in Addison a couple of weeks ago and are planning to open our sixth location in the next few months. Dallas has welcomed us with open arms, so be sure to keep a lookout this summer for a few more surprises.



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