She’s on the move! Although Dallas has been a good place to call home, Brandi “The Assassin” Marino has decided to move back home to California. “It’s time to be closer to home with my family and support system” says Brandi.  Home is where the heart is and it brings out “her best visionary self”, so get excited y’all. As the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BEYOND obviously, she can’t help but discover ways to improve BEYOND- namely including options for kids and senior citizens (which is perfect because she’s got her little team of nieces, nephews and parents there in Cali to inspire her). She feels that moving will be the best way to expand the BEYOND brand to the west coast. Growth outside of Texas is the next level for BEYOND and who better to introduce all of it’s core crushing fitness glory to the west coast than The Assassin herself? Studios outside of Texas have already commenced.  A new BEYOND Studios will open in Oklahoma City on January 2nd. Make sure you check it out BEYOND Studios OKC if you ever find yourself in the area! Brandi’s decision to move has been in works for some time as her pup kiddos have been chillin’ with (more like terrorizing) her parents (and soon to be roommates) since September, waiting for Momma B to wrap it up in Dallas and head home to the coast.


Brandi believes BEYOND to be the greatest accomplishment of her life and feels so strongly about the strength and talent of her existing BEYONDers. Now is the time to step aside and have confidence in what she’s built – her employees understand that fresh BEYOND panache and will continue to Go BEYOND and strive to make her and BEYOND proud. We will miss her spirit, signature cowboys boots paired with leggings attire, incredibly challenging workouts that inspire you to be a better you, but mostly we will miss her heart. It is Brandi’s undeniable passion that makes everyone she crosses paths with feel worthy, special and like a friend. It’s her kindness and drive that has created a BEYOND we can all feel a part of. This is not goodbye, this is see you later. We thank you for everything and can’t wait to see where 2017 takes BEYOND.