Start your New Year off right! Join BEYOND and our in-house nutrition coach Kristin Moses on January 7 as we kick off our largest nutrition program of the year––MASTER YOUR METABOLISM.


Different than our previous detox workshops, Master Your Metabolism is a 21-day group program designed for you and a buddy. Research shows clients see 50 percent more positive results in group programs. Having accountability partners gives us that extra nudge we all need to push ourselves to go BEYOND!


Learn exactly what your metabolism is, the hormones that keep you in balance and the ones that throw off your ideal weight.




  • Saturday, January 7 from 1:30 to 3:30pm at Lovers

–Group workout followed by Master Your Metabolism lecture and week 1 food plan and grocery list

–Initial weigh-in and measurements (in private of course!)


  • Saturday, January 14 – Week 2 Master Your Metabolism plan emailed to you


  • Saturday, January 21 – Week 3 Master Your Metabolism plan emailed to you


  • Saturday January 28 – Final group workout, weigh-in and measurements at Lovers


You won’t want to miss this program. Sign up now to go BEYOND and Master Your Metabolism!