Just days remain until Mother’s Day. In honor of this special day for moms, we spoke with clients Laura and Jordan about going BEYOND together, and their unique bonding time while working out at BEYOND Studios.

BEYOND blog: What led you both to attend your first BEYOND class together?

Laura: I’ve always worked out and Jordan was always doing BEYOND so it just seemed like a natural fit.

Jordan: I knew she wouldn’t try something new on her own.

BEYOND blog: Do you think working our together helps motivate you?

Laura: Of course! It’s always great to have a buddy to sweat with––especially your mom.

Jordan: It also helps that we’re both competitive.

BEYOND blog: What’s your favorite BEYOND500 exercise?

Laura: Anything that makes me sore the next day.

Jordan: Alternating curtsy lunges with a triceps extension and the Curve Sprints!

BEYOND blog: What motivates you to live an active and healthy lifestyle, and how do you both motivate each other to continue to do so?

Laura: I don’t like not feeling fit. The older I get, the harder I work to reach my goal. Jordan and I both meal prep.

Jordan: If I go days without getting my sweat on, I can feel it. I’m the best version of myself when I incorporate working out into my daily routine. It’s also very rewarding when you work hard and see results. Seeing my mom workout inspires me to workout as well. Having a buddy at any workout motivates me to do my personal best. I am also a foodie and love to eat out, so meal prepping during the week helps me stay balanced. I still love a good happy hour or brunch though!

BEYOND blog: What’s your idea of going BEYOND together? Jordan: Continuing to challenge ourselves by switching up our workout routine with the dynamic mix of the Curve, reformer, chair and kettle bells. I think the only way to become stronger and see results is by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone a little bit. No pain, no gain!

Thanks again to our Mother Daughter Dynamic Duo.  We appreciate you sharing your story this Mother’s Day!

~The BEYOND Team