Have a BEYOND Spooky Halloween

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Halloween is the holiday that we all make excuses with our sweet tooth. It is the one day of the year that is filled with treats, but to be honest, these treats and “just today” treats that can play tricks with your fitness goals. The spookiest part about today is that Halloween kicks off the holiday season all the way through New Year’s Day when the average American gains 10 pounds. So rather than following the rest of American in gaining the end of the year poundage, avoid the temptation and follow some of these tips:


Stay Committed – recommit to the “why” you want to reach or maintain your fitness goals. Write down your fitness goals and keep those goals visible as a constant reminder to stay on track. Another great way for inspiration (besides Pinspiration on pinterest) is by making your own inspiration board…paste pictures, quotes, numbers, healthy snack ideas, your favorite workout schedule, and more all on a poster board or bulletin board where you can wake up and see it first thing every morning. It’s the best way to not loose sight of what you’re trying to achieve.


Portion Control – any food consumed in moderation can be worked into your daily meal plan. However, Halloween is known for candy bowls that are overflowing with mounds of candy…which is definitely not portioning anything. As long as you can avoid eating all the candy because you are afraid it will expire in a week, a piece or two will not negate your fitness efforts. Just remember…moderation is key!


Choose Wisely – Fill your candy bowl with fun-sized treats (smaller versions of the original treat), low calorie treats, and alternatives to candy. Even more, purchase your least favorite candy as you will most likely resist the “give one piece but consume two pieces” syndrome that happens most frequently at Halloween. Trick yourself by NOT filling your bowl up with your sweetest weaknesses!


Accept Wandering – No one is perfect. If you happen to wander and binge on sweets during this holiday season, don’t let it detract you from your plan and get back on track. A day or two of binging won’t eliminate all of your fitness improvements but a few weeks will. Always remember, there is never a point in time where your fitness goals “fail” or “end.” A few days of candy or cheat meals is not going to throw you off the track to the bigger picture…no matter what happens, keep going!


Have a safe and happy Halloween!






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