Research has consistently shown that exercise is greatly enhanced when you are with a friend or in a group setting.  All our classes and different formats make BEYOND Studios a great place to workout with a friend.


Here are five reasons why bringing a friend along to your next BEYOND workout will give you a boost.


Time Flies

Working along side a friend is a great way to make the time go faster.  It’s always fun to chat and laugh while you sweat.


You are less likely to cancel a workout

Exercising with a friend comes with a side benefit: you’ll be more likely to show up. If not, you will be disappointing someone else by cancelling the workout. It’s all about accountability, and a good way to remember and carry through on your commitment to enhance your fitness and your health.  Just ask yourself, how many times have you made plans and then cancelled them, when you are doing an activity on your own. Yes group pressure really does work.


It Boosts Your Competitive Spirit

A study of 1,000 women found that 64 percent of those who run, go to the gym or attend group exercise classes with friends will push themselves harder than if they went alone. This in turn has the added benefit of getting more out of your workout and burning more calories.


Shared Goals

When exercising, it’s a good idea to set goals. If you set goals with a friend, you are more likely to achieve them.


You Get to Hang Out After the Workout

When you exercise with a friend, it’s not only a workout, but a social occasion. Many of our clients at BEYOND have become good friends and grab coffee or food after class.


So grab a friend, come along and go BEYOND together at one of the following classes: PILATESremix, PILATESremix-JUMP, REform+RUN, REform+REbound or BEYOND500. You will not be disappointed. Just a little sweaty, smiling and glowing.





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