Next week, 2015 will be 90-days old. Yes, already! Ninety days ago we started the dreaded New Year’s resolutions. You probably either gave up smoking, decided to live healthier, or maybe even began an exciting exercise regime with BEYOND Studios. And it wasn’t easy. For starters, back in January the focus of a lot of New Year’s resolutions was usually on giving up something. The goals were driven by guilt, which never helps. And the indulgence of Christmas was weighing heavy on our minds, which drove us to repent for our over indulgences in 2014 by complete abstinence from the things we enjoy the most. For many of us, our resolutions didn’t even last until the end of January.


That changes today.


A much better (and healthier) way to kick off and refocus your New Year’s resolutions is to think “What can I do in the next 90-days that I will be thankful for in 2015 and beyond?” Based on what you come up with, create a plan that includes one small task a day. For starters, if you want to commit to working out more, make time for a 50-minute workout at BEYOND Studios. Set aside 50 minutes a day for an amazing workout just for you and start feeling better today. If you want to eat better, start prepping for meals ahead of time and journal your caloric intake for the day.


Consider where you want to be in the next 90-days, and that will help you decide what to refocus on for your resolution. Review your progress weekly and acknowledge what has been achieved so far. This will give you motivation to continue forward and go beyond what you thought was possible. It is achievable to change the course of your life with 90-days of focused and sustained energy towards new goals. And it’s much better than the inevitable sense of failure of a New Year’s resolution abandoned before summer.


Here’s to the new you!






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