Meet Mallory Johnson! Mallory says she has always been drawn to a healthy and active lifestyle. Growing up in Connecticut, she spent the winters skating on a precision skating team, and the warmer months playing lacrosse and running. In 2009, Mallory moved to Dallas to attend SMU, and it was during her time there that Mallory discovered her passion for group fitness.


BEYONDblog: How did you come to be a part of the BEYOND family?


MALLORY: I took my first BEYOND Pilates class in 2013 and ever since I’ve been hooked. A year-and-a-half later I decided to go through training and have been teaching for a little over a year now.


BEYONDblog: What jams can clients expect when taking your BEYOND Studios classes?


MALLORY: Anything goes! I love all kinds of music. There’s a 95 percent chance you’ll hear Taylor Swift if you drop into one of my classes.


BEYONDblog: What’s your favorite BEYOND Studios exercise?


MALLORY: I love running so I’m obsessed with anything we do on the Woodway Curve treadmill at BEYOND500. My favorite run is the “Beast Run.” I love how it really tests both your endurance and your speed during those high-speed minutes.


BEYONDblog: When not leading a BEYOND Studios class you are…


MALLORY: That’s hard to say. Every day is totally different as a fulltime trainer. A lot of what I do in my free time involves two of my favorite things: friends and food.


BEYONDblog: What days can clients book your classes?


MALLORY: You can catch me at the BEYOND Lovers studio on Monday afternoon and Tuesday evening, as well as Thursday, Friday, and Sunday mornings. At BEYOND Henderson I’m currently teaching a Monday noon class, and starting in April I will be teaching Monday at 9:30 a.m. and Thursday at 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. At the BEYOND Preston Hollow studio I teach a class on Thursday nights. 



BEYONDblog: How did you start your fitness journey?


MALLORY: I started my fitness journey running. I started running my senior year of high school, on my own, for fun. After moving to Dallas to attend SMU, I fell in love with the Katy Trail and started doing half marathons with friends. It wasn’t until my senior year of college that an injury led me to (much needed) Pilates to strengthen my body and stretch my muscles. The difference in my body and in my runs after adding Pilates into the mix has been incredible. Last November, I ran the New York City Marathon in 3 hours and 37 minutes, and felt great afterwards. I attribute a lot of that – how I felt during and after those 26.2 miles – to Pilates.


BEYONDblog: What motivates you to live an active and healthy lifestyle?


MALLORY: The way I feel. When I am in my routine of working out regularly and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle I feel more confident, more energized, happier, and stronger both mentally and physically. When I feel great on the inside, that positivity and light is what I spread to my friends and family and the people I interact with every day.


BEYONDblog: What’s your go-to post workout snack?


MALLORY: A banana or an apple with peanut butter. Peanut butter is the best.


BEYONDblog: What’s your favorite go-to training gear/ apparel?


MALLORY: I’m a total lululemon addict.


BEYONDblog: What’s your idea of going BEYOND?


MALLORY: For me, going BEYOND is about choosing to be positive, to laugh, to smile, and to spread light. Also adding dark chocolate chips to like pretty much anything you eat. I always go BEYOND when I get frozen yogurt by adding unhealthy amounts of dark chocolate chips.


Mallory’s cheerful energy characterizes her classes, and she hopes people leave her class smiling and feeling strong, energized, and inspired. To book your next class and go BEYOND with Mallory, click here.



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