Just days remain until Mother’s Day 2017, and it’s not too late to make plans for that special mom in your life. In honor of Mother’s Day approaching this Sunday, we spoke with Magical Mom, Shirley and Dynamic Daughter, Lawre from Oklahoma City.  We wanted insight on how going BEYOND together created such a unique bond and memories filled with sweat, tears and laughs. (Don’t worry ladieswe’ve got videos.)


BEYOND blog: What led you both to your first BEYOND class together? Which classes do you attend as besties?

Lawre:We like to attend all of the BEYOND classes together! But we both HATE the endurance 500 class, and pretty much complain till we don’t have to do it the whole time. I personally love the mix of the LOVE/HATE 500 workout mixed in with our friend PILATESremix.
Shirley: Like Mother, Like Daughter. We attend everything together!


BEYOND blog: What is the best part about sharing the BEYOND experience with your mom/daughter?

Lawre: I love going to the classes with my mom because I can look at her and be honest. I can tell her half-joking of course, “this endurance class is absolute torture!  At first I thought I should be working just as hard, if not harder as my Mom.  But one day, I realized it’s SO much more than working out together. We sweat, cry (only when Laura is teaching) and mostly laugh at each other.  We’ve made friends with others in the class and even learned a few things, thank you BEYOND.  We’re both terrible at listening  (Dad, don’t use this against us).  We find ourselves laughing at each other…and yelling over that “Dancing Bear” move. Doing the moves correctly is not up for discussion on this blog.  We could do another blooper blog  labeled “Comedy at BEYOND in OKC” starring Shirley and Lawre.

Shirley: I love exercising together! It’s a great way to spend time with my daughter and it’s a great way to start the day. I’m pretty sure that one of the best parts for her is that she’s first up to bat on the Woodway Curve Treadmill.

BEYOND blog: Do you often attend classes together?  If not, do you discuss class or compete with each other?

 Lawre: We attend almost EVERY. SINGLE. class together. And if she can’t make it, I like to call her and tell her how AMAZING the class was or tell her how badly she missed out on one of the best classes we’ve ever had. Basically, I shame her for not going! Ha-ha

Shirley: We go to class together every possible day together, and always talking about how SORE our ——is! #OMGsosore

BEYOND blog: Has BEYOND brought a new element to your Mum/Daughter relationship?

Lawre: We’ve absolutely fallen in love with the classes at BEYOND! Our goal is to go as much as we can throughout the week.  I’m getting married in November, so we are using these classes to help whittle our wedding waistlines.  SIDE NOTE: Our guilty pleasure is that we can always bug our very family member,Co-Owner Laura Kirkpatrick.  Yes, we take suggestions, got an idea, tell us!  We love giving her a hard time.  Her and her partner, Chrissi Knight are so great for this community. 

Shirley: It is so much fun to do something with my daughter that we are so passionate about and happens to be good for us!  The wedding bells are right around the corner and BEYOND has been a blast to help whip us into shape.  I can’t promise we’ll arm wrestle anyone at the wedding, but if so, we’ll snap photos.

BEYOND blog: What is your biggest accomplishment since the BEYOND experience? 

Lawre: Running. I mean, I still don’t run, but I’m so competitive that I’ll run when they say you can ‘walk or jog’ and when it comes to sprints … I want to be the fastest. I think that comes from my mom’s side of the family.

Shirley: For me, it is definitely waking up before 5:30 in order to exercise!  Lawre is committed to working out early in the morning so in order for me to be with her and take Laura’s awesome 500 class, I have to drag my rear out of bed super early!  I may drag myself into class, but I leave feeling energized and strong!



Happy Mother’s Day to the strongest  SuperWomen we know at BEYOND!


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