Memorial Day is synonymous with hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and drinks by the pool. What’s not to love? But does the start of summer mean the end of your healthy diet and poolside ready figure you’ve been working so hard to achieve at BEYOND Studios? Absolutely not.


In order to stay healthy and still have fun, we recommend you start by taking advantage of the healthy foods that are in season at your Memorial Day cookout. Enjoy plenty of fruits and veggies, which are fresh and delicious and starting to be more abundant this time of year. If you’re grilling, include a veggie or grilled chicken kabob as part of the menu.

The trick is to eat yummy lean proteins and veggies first, so you take the hunger-edge off before digging into the more diet-dangerous foods, such as greasy burgers and chips. Reach for the veggie sticks and hummus instead of chips and queso. Or go for some fresh berries in lieu of that tempting calorie-ridden dessert. Forgo the traditional cheeseburger and try a low-fat turkey burger.


If you indulge a little, no worries. We all need a cheat day here and there. Just don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s important to remember that it’s a balance of calories and physical activity. If you want to have chips and a burger over the holiday, incorporate a workout into the weekend to balance it out. And we’re here for you after the holiday weekend fun is over, too. Be sure to book your post-Memorial Day session at one of our studios to go beyond and kick those calories to the curb.


Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!



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