This New Year is your year to MASTER YOUR METABOLISM.


Join us for our BRAND NEW 21-day program to get you leaner, fitter, centered and happier in 2016.


Your metabolism, which is governed by your hormones, works much like a symphony. When your hormones are in sync, your metabolism hums along in perfect synchronization…keeping you at your ideal weight. When one hormone is out of sync the others follow in a cascade effect. This is EXACTLY why we all need to learn the perfect tools and skills to keep our bodies in perfect harmony.


Starting January 9th, our very own Kristin Moses will begin our Master Your Metabolism program. Learn how food, exercise, and your mind should and CAN work together to serve you at your highest level. Sign-up with your best gal pal for accountability…going through the program with your bestie motivates and  yields even better results.



Saturday, January 9th – Week 1- 1:00-3:00 pm

Group Workout & Master Your Metabolism Lecture

Includes detailed FOOD PLAN & GROCERY LIST

Initial weigh-in and measurements (in private, don’t worry!)


Saturday, January 16th– Week 2

Week 2 plan of your MYM Plan will be e-mailed to you…simple as that!


Saturday, January 23rd – Week 3

Week 3 plan is also emailed to you for your convenience.


Saturday, January 30th Group Workout & Celebration!

Final weigh-in and measurements taken, followed by a closing lecture

Group Workout/Celebration


You will be a part of our private FB group for weekly check-ins with Kristin, to share your journey, and to connect with others excited to master this with you.


Let 2016 be the year you take control of your health and your body in a BEYOND incredible way…can’t wait to see you there!


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