Meet the newer, safer—but just as body-transforming—alternative to high-intensity interval training, BEYOND500.  Cardio intensity reformed.

Amped-up Pilates reformers? Trampoline cardio? Cy-cho indoor cycling? Nope, not at BEYOND500.  It’s combination of interval-style training incorporating specialized “CURVE” treadmills with the Pilates chair apparatus & Kettlebells.

The CURVE, a.k.a Human Hamster Wheel, is 30% more effective than a conventional treadmill; no electrical outlets needed.  You provide the power…reduce your cardio carbon footprint.

The Pilates Chair, a.k.a The Hot Seat, will have you stabilizing and isolating your Torso in no time.

The BEYOND PHIT workouts {Pilates. Hybrid. Interval. Training} offers a middle ground between high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and steady state cardio training. Done regularly, both can lead to wear and tear that increases your odds of injury and preventing clients from reaching their goals.

BEYOND believes that PHIT workouts provide a more sustainable approach to get in shape, without going to the extremes, we call it the “magical place” that is time-efficient combining strength and cardio.

Our Pilates inspired workouts minimize the odds of injury and the cardio component will max out the calorie burn.  Our routines are crafted so your body is able to do it regularly which is the key to transformation.  The body cannot get used to or rest at any given time as we integrate the components of interval training, functional training, core stability work and athletic training that all has a Pilates undertone-mindful movement with music that moves your body.

It’s up to you how much you exert yourself, but expect an action-packed class that is high energy throughout for 50 minutes lead by inspiring motivators {instructors}.