It’s that time of year again! I’m sure most of us, with our Partners Card pamphlet in hand, have already written out the list of shops to hit up as we take advantage of the 10 days full of discount shopping at over 750 RETAIL STORES.  I mean…that deserves to be written twice: 750 RETAIL STORES! But in the midst of the frenzy, BEYOND wants to send you a little reminder of what this shopping spree is doing for the city of Dallas.


Not only does that nifty little card give you an all access pass to 20 percent off at some of the best stores in Dallas, but it also helps provide safety to thousands of victims of family violence via The Family Place.


Interesting Facts About The Family Place:


  • Leader in work to stop family violence since 1978
  • Provides free, comprehensive services that prevent violence and fully supports women, children and men on their path from fear to safety
  • In 2013, The Family Place provided services to 11,758 clients with 171,968 hours of service in Spanish and in English
  • At the Safe Campus, they feed more than 50 kids every day, providing meals and after-school snacks—that’s 18,250 after-school snacks a year
  • In their child development center 80 percent of the children showed 25 percent increase in their age appropriate developmental skills
  • In the incest program, 92 percent reported improved emotional health.
  • Their children’s counseling helped 630 children change the way they view the world!


With all that being said, let the shopping begin! If you haven’t picked up a Partners Card yet, come purchase one at our Lovers Lane location. Your card is valid October 24 thru November 2.


At BEYOND, show us your Partners Card to receive:


30 session package for $420 (good for use at Lovers, Preston and Henderson)


20 percent off retail at all of our studios and select 50 percent off retail at Lovers and Preston.