I consider myself fairly fit. I lift 4-5 days a week and make it to BEYOND Pilates a couple times a week. But I have little to no endurance and loathe cardio. Seriously, my version of cardio is the happy dance I do when my Dominos Pizza Tracker says “Joan is en route” with my deep dish.


When I first heard about the BEYOND500 concept and saw a picture of the Woodway Curve Treadmill, I imagined it to be the water-boarding of the fitness world. After attending my first class, I’ve official downgraded it to a much more enjoyable version of torture (like watching the 4th hour of the Today Show sober.)


There’s no way to sugar coat that the workout was challenging as hell. But I was surprised how hard I was able to push myself those 50 minutes… and that I survived.


Again, the only intense cardio I get is sprinting to the door when Joan arrives, and I’ve actively avoided CrossFit for fear of personal injury or cult-like brainwashing. So, if I can do it (and love it) anyone can.


John B.
*I was in no way coerced or compensated by BEYOND500 to write this testimonial. I asked for a pizza, and they said “no.”