There are many ways you may know her. You may know her as the creative entrepreneur who brought the first reformer group fitness class to Dallas. The woman who pushed the envelope and took all traditional forms of exercise “beyond” their limits. She’s the one who helped you achieve strength that you never knew you had. You may know her as the dog crusader who has the softest spot in her heart for all dogs, but especially the bully breeds. You may call her The Assassin, B, or simply Brandi, but which ever of these resonates with you one thing is for certain and that is Dallas would not be same without her and her amazing creation of the BEYOND studios.


“She has vision. No one is better at knowing what someone is good at it or if an idea will work. And what’s even better is that’s she’s never afraid to make it known.” – Chris Hudson


“Something that sticks out in my mind when I think about Brandi is her passion and how much she truly cares about all things BEYOND- from the evolving and ever-improving workout to the amazing clients and the team of instructors. When I was about halfway through my training and spending a lot of time in the studio mocking, I received a phone call from her. She gave me all kinds of advice knowing exactly where I was in my training and some very kind and encouraging words. A little later on, after I was already teaching on the schedule, she gave me another phone call with feedback after listening to me teach one day. Again, understanding where I was with respect to my teaching journey, she asked me some tough questions and challenged me to really sit down and evaluate my strengths and weaknesses. That she takes the time to make these kinds of phone calls and have these conversations even when she’s busy with a million other things (like growing BEYOND and developing new concepts and opening new studios like BEYOND500), means so much. Her advice and willingness to take the time in spite of her extremely busy schedule has helped me grow and develop as an instructor and I’m extremely grateful for that. She’s a great leader and I wish her the happiest of birthdays!” – Mallory Johnson


“I can honestly say if it weren’t for Brandi Marino and opening BEYOND Pilates in 2010, I’d probably be sitting at a desk in a law firm feeling unfulfilled and incomplete! Brandi, you have mentored and encouraged me in all that I do and without you I wouldn’t be where I am today! Happiest of birthdays to you B, and thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me! I know this is going to be your best year yet!” – Kendall Coleman


“Brandi – Happiest of Birthdays to our creative, beautiful, talented and immensely kind leader! Thank you for welcoming me to the Beyond family this year, it has truly been a dream come true. I hope this next year is as incredible as you are! xoxo” – Ashley Hopson


“I had just moved back home to Dallas in 2011 when Brandi asked me to coffee after a Pilates class. She hired me on the spot to manage 4314 Lovers, the original BEYOND Studio–I had no fitness background, but she sensed our mutual passion for having a studio with a specific brand personality, an unmatched experience and impeccable client care. She always knows it when she sees it. Without Brandi, I wouldn’t be living a life I love. I wouldn’t be a fitness teacher. I wouldn’t have met so many people to the point that I now feel like I have a friend everywhere I go in Dallas. I’m now inspired to constantly think outside the box, push the envelope, and love people for both their strengths AND their weaknesses because of her. She has truly taken my life BEYOND where I imagined it would be right now.” – Elissa Fairchild


“She is not afraid to take a chance, on people or ideas. And with that chance, she jumps in head first giving it her all. She consistently challenges us to grow, create, and evolve. B, thanks for the chance and the challenge. Happy Birthday!” – Brittany Grignon 


“Happy, Happy to you! May all your biggest dreams and wishes come to you in this new year. I contribute much of my passion, perseverance  and grit sweating it out to you being placed in my life when you descended upon Dallas just a handful of years ago. You have an enormous heart and your energy is infectious. Thank you for all that you do!” – Melissa Justice


We love you Brandi! Happy Birthday from your staff and all of the BEYOND clients.