This MUM goes BEYOND

Just days remain until Mother's Day. In honor of this special day for moms, we spoke with clients Laura and Jordan about going BEYOND together, and their unique bonding time while working out at BEYOND Studios. BEYOND blog: What led you both to attend your first BEYOND class together? Laura: I've always worked out and [...]

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Sweat for a Good Cause

Local Dallas fitness studios are coming together to sweat for a cause during FITWeek.  The annual event will be held in Dallas May 1-6. All proceeds will benefit Reading Partners North Texas and She’s the First. Reading Partners North Texas provides one-on-one tutoring at low-income schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 2002. The program focuses on [...]

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Couples That Sweat Together Stay Together

Living an unhealthy lifestyle made me so unhappy. In fact, I was grumpy. I needed to change my habits, but as many of us know taking the first step to a healthier lifestyle can seem overwhelming. It’s easier to continue with our unhealthy patterns even when we know they make us incredibly unhappy.   A [...]

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Be Mine. Go BEYOND.

Don’t panic, but there are just four more days until February 1.   Already, the greeting card aisles at Target are blushing red and pink with the usual sweet greetings from Hallmark. The shelves in the candy section are bursting with giant heart shaped boxes filled with sugary confections. And the kiddos are carefully selecting [...]

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Tis the season, and lets be honest, we know what is on everyone's wish list this year.... a BEYOND body!   And we've made it super easy Purchase a $249 PILATESremix +BEYOND500 plan or give the gift that keeps on giving and purchase a BEYOND gift card for someone special.   Get and give the body on everyone’s wishlist this year!

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