Be Mine. Go BEYOND.

Don’t panic, but there are just four more days until February 1.   Already, the greeting card aisles at Target are blushing red and pink with the usual sweet greetings from Hallmark. The shelves in the candy section are bursting with giant heart shaped boxes filled with sugary confections. And the kiddos are carefully selecting [...]

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BEYOND 500 Defined

Meet the newer, safer—but just as body-transforming—alternative to high-intensity interval training, BEYOND500.  Cardio intensity reformed.   Amped-up Pilates reformers? Trampoline cardio? Cy-cho indoor cycling? Nope, not at BEYOND500.  It’s combination of interval-style training incorporating specialized “CURVE” treadmills with the Pilates chair apparatus & Kettlebells.   The CURVE, a.k.a Human Hamster Wheel, is 30% more effective than a conventional [...]

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My first 500

I consider myself fairly fit. I lift 4-5 days a week and make it to BEYOND Pilates a couple times a week. But I have little to no endurance and loathe cardio. Seriously, my version of cardio is the happy dance I do when my Dominos Pizza Tracker says "Joan is en route" with my deep [...]

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