BEYOND Studios is thrilled to announce our Fall Detox Workshop with our in-house nutrition coach Kristin Moses on Saturday, Sept. 12 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at BEYOND500 Henderson.


Just because the hot summer days will be ending soon, doesn’t mean your health has to go too. To restore and maintain our health, we all need to clear away those toxins, and the first step to owning a body that is functional and fit starts with an effective detoxification system. This workshop begins with a sweaty detoxifying workout strategically put together to tighten, tone, and flush your whole body, followed by a nutrition coaching session that will teach you exactly what you need to put in your body so you can feel rejuvenated for the fall. The Fall Detox also incudes the KM Fit 14-Day Detox and manual that includes nutritional shopping secrets, grocery lists, daily plan, and juice, smoothie and meal detox recipes.


Make the commitment to yourself today: start your journey to your total health by joining Kristin on this detox journey. Plus, when you purchase this workshop you’ll also receive a $20 BEYOND product account credit.





  • Detoxification primes the bodies metabolism for weight loss
  • Consistency and repetition teach you how to stay healthy and lean for a lifetime
  • Decrease bloating and inflammation for glowing skin and a flat tummy
  • Boost energy levels to rock your life’s mission
  • Reverse disease
  • A live coach to walk you through the process
  • Doing the detox with a group provides accountability and support



  • Why detoxification is crucial physically and mentally
  • Why whole foods are your ticket to longevity
  • 5 foods to REMOVE that are making you Sick, Fat and Toxic
  • Why SUGAR is just as addictive as cocaine
  • Why FAT makes you leaner
  • Exactly what you need to put in your body for optimum health



  • A step by step done for you guide (yep we got all formal this time)
  • The DETOX 14 day program daily plan
  • Shopping secrets and reading labels
  • Grocery list
  • Recipes
  • Detox drink
  • Detox supplements
  • Lifestyle detoxification

50% off first one on one consultation with Kristin


If you’re ready… sign up here, and let’s do this together.



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