If you’re looking to perfect your BEYOND500 technique, then look no further! BEYOND500 Henderson is hosting two workshops for beginners and for our advanced clients in July.


The beginner’s workshop will be held on Saturday, July 11 from 12 to 1:30 p.m. with Elissa. The workout will consist of 15 minutes of kettlebell work, which will include basic grips, movements, kettlebell safety, and practicing certain exercises you will often see in a BEYOND500 class. Additionally, you can expect 15 minutes of Pilates chair work, including instruction on how the chair moves, light springs versus heavy, applying basic movements and where on your body you should feel the chair moves. Also, 15 minutes of treadmill work on our Woodway Curve will be included in this workshop (expect backwards running, forward running, sprints, jogs, Flintstones, crunches, etc). And finally, the workshop will conclude with an actual 30-minute workout lead by Elissa similar to what you can expect to see in a BEYOND500 class.


This workshop is perfect for anyone unfamiliar with BEYOND500 or for those who have attended a class a few times, but still want little tune-ups or more slowed-down individualized instruction.


For our advanced folks, Adria will be teaching an advanced workshop on Saturday, July 18 from 12 to 1:30 p.m.  This workshop will focus more on advancements and intensifications to movements you may have seen in a BEYOND500 class before.  We recommend this workshop for those who have been attending BEYODN500 classes already.  Adria will give you specific instruction about what to do in a class to feel something a little bit deeper.  To wrap-up, Adria will then teach an hour-long workout with all of those tougher moves you just learned, followed by a ten-minute post workout stretch session.


To book your spot now for the Beginner BEYOND500 Workshop on July 11 OR the Advanced 500 Workshop on July 18, go here.


See you soon!



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