Meet Taryn! She joined the BEYOND family in January and currently teaches at all three studios. Find out what it means to go BEYOND with Taryn and when you can book her next class.


BEYONDblog: How did you come to be a part of the BEYOND family?


Taryn: I started coming to BEYOND classes a few months after I moved to Dallas and absolutely fell in love. I knew I wanted to be an instructor, so when BEYOND hosted auditions last fall I jumped at the chance. I started officially teaching in January, and now I’m teaching at all three studios!



BEYONDblog: What can clients expect when taking your BEYOND classes?


Taryn: When clients take my classes they can expect fun music, a challenging workout and crazy dance moves from me.



BEYONDblog: What’s your favorite BEYOND exercise?


Taryn: Reform and Rebound is my favorite class at BEYOND, the reformer is my favorite workout ever and combining it with the mini trampoline takes it to a whole new level.  If I had to chose one exercise I would say plank to pike is my favorite. Or reverse lunge. Or hug a tree. Ok ok, pretty much everything on the reformer is my favorite.



BEYONDblog: When not leading a BEYOND class you are…


Taryn: When I’m not leading a BEYOND class you can find me at home with my two rescue doggies and fiancé, or on a patio somewhere enjoying the beautiful Texas weather (and margaritas, let’s be honest).



BEYONDblog: What days can clients book your classes?


Taryn: Clients can find me on the schedule Monday at Preston and Lovers, Tuesday at Preston, Wednesday at Henderson, Thursday at Henderson and Preston, and Sunday at Preston.



BEYONDblog: How did you start your fitness journey?


Taryn: I started my fitness journey at a young age. I grew up dancing, and when I joined dance team in high school I really started to become interested in fitness and how working out improved my dancing. Throughout college and after I was on the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders training program, and that’s when I started to get a lot more serious with my workouts and nutrition. After college, I joined the corporate world and after several years of sitting at a desk I just couldn’t do it anymore. I started teaching at Pure Barre and slowly transitioned to being a full-time instructor. My schedule is crazy but I love what I do and wouldn’t change a thing.



BEYONDblog: What motivates you to live an active and healthy lifestyle?


Taryn: I enjoy living a healthy and active lifestyle because I feel so much better when I’m eating healthy and working out versus when I don’t. Not to mention Texas pool season lasts a lot longer than pool season in Minnesota, so being healthy helps with wearing bikinis.



BEYONDblog: What is your go-to post workout snack?


Taryn: My post workout snack is usually either a protein shake (collagen protein is my current go to) or a banana and peanut butter.



BEYONDblog: What’s your favorite training gear/apparel?


Taryn: My favorite training apparel is definitely Alo yoga. Their pants stay up even when I wear a mic pack, and they transition from the studio to normal life easily.



BEYONDblog: What’s your idea of going BEYOND?


Taryn: My idea of going BEYOND is finding that moment when you think you’re going to give up, but instead you push through just a little bit longer.





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