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BEYOND guarantees you a workout that’s anything but routine or recognizable from other fitness classes. Our small group Pilates-based classes give you a heart pumping and mind-freeing workout. We believe in constant evolution, continuous innovation and genuine care. It’s what makes us different and it’s felt each time you walk through our doors.

We have FOUR different class options- BEYONDPilates, BEYONDPilates+JUMP, Reform&Run and BEYOND500 to keep you moving!

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BEYONDPilates Studio

5757 W Lovers Ln Suite 350

Dallas, TX 75206

Phone: 469-389-2505

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Why Choose BEYOND Studios?

With one membership, you get full access to the best workouts in town and exclusive member rates with local business partners!

BEYOND Pilates

It’s not Pilates; it’s BEYOND. In BEYOND Pilates, we combine legendary fitness techniques with pumping tempo-specific music to create a full-body workout on our customized reformer, a.k.a. The Bed. We’ll teach you how to put your mind to your muscle to take your movement and your body to the next level.

Want a little more? Try out BEYONDPilates+Jump adding the jumpboard for a little more BEYOND burn!


BEYOND500 gives you strength and resistance exercises, cardio intervals on Frisco’s only set of Woodway Curve treadmills – and the after-burn effect will also boost your metabolism for hours after class. This marriage of resistance, cardio and mobility is what we stand by for your fat-burning, lean muscle-building body transformation that we’re all after. It’s safe and it’s sweaty; but most of all, it’s fun.


You can have the best of both worlds. Reform+Run is our signature blend of controlled, low-intensity Pilates movements and the sweaty intervals of metabolism-boosting cardio. We’ll challenge your body’s natural balance through a series of movements on our customized reformer, improving your strength, flexibility and posture. Then we’ll transition you to the star apparatus from our BEYOND500 workout, the Woodway Curve treadmill, where your heart rate will move to new heights on an empowering roller coaster ride.

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