Living an unhealthy lifestyle made me so unhappy. In fact, I was grumpy. I needed to change my habits, but as many of us know taking the first step to a healthier lifestyle can seem overwhelming. It’s easier to continue with our unhealthy patterns even when we know they make us incredibly unhappy.


A little more than a year ago, my partner and I were not on a healthy road. In fact, I had gained almost 40 pounds in the first year-and-a-half of our relationship. We were nesting. We were eating out. I was ballooning. We would try to eat healthier for about a week, but it only took one of us to mention donuts on a Sunday morning or Whataburger at 2 a.m., and the other would easily agree. It was so easy. Too easy. And it went on for far too long.


After we realized we had to change our lifestyle we began small by adopting healthier eating habits at home and when dining out. Then, slowly we began to exercise by walking and then jogging the Katy Trail. Gradually the weight began to shed. Eventually, our fitness routine needed a boost as our weight loss began to plateau. That’s when we discovered BEYOND Studios where we created a schedule that worked for both us to sweat it out in the studio together. And it’s worked. I can easily attest that collaborating with my partner has motivated us both and made healthy practices easier to adopt. Today, I’m down 50 pounds, and my partner is happily losing weight too.


And the experts agree! In a recent study of married couples conducted by University College London, almost 70 percent of men increased their physical activity levels when their partners joined them, compared to 26 percent of men whose partners did not.


Now is the time for you and yours to get fit TOGETHER. To do this, BEYOND has made it easier than ever to give the perfect Valentine’s Day gift with the perfect discount.


BEYOND Studio’s Valentine’s Day special:


  • The package includes 10 sessions to BEYOND Studios classes at any of our three locations for $125
  • Available to purchase through Feb. 6 by going here
  • The 10 sessions expire February 28


BEYOND500 Henderson Couples Class:


  • Valentine’s Day couples class on Feb. 13 at 6:30 p.m. and on Feb. 14 at noon.
  • Sign up for either class here to purchase the $20 sessions (regular session packages do not apply), and be sure to book two spots ($40 per couple) and sweat it out together.


It’s time to be HAPPIER together. It’s time to go BEYOND together.



– T.J. Griffin


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