Go Beyond With Kristin

Meet Kristin Krenzer! Kristin got her start in Pilates by taking a BEYOND Studios class and says it changed her life. Find out why she’s had a passion for Pilates ever since and what she loves doing most when not on the Pilates reformer.     How did you come to be a part of [...]

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We could sit here all day and tell you how wonderful we think our workout is, but why would we do that when you can hear from some of our clients who have experienced the greatest losses and gains through our workout. We recently asked some of our beloved clients to commit to a BEYOND [...]

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Tis the season, and lets be honest, we know what is on everyone's wish list this year.... a BEYOND body!   And we've made it super easy Purchase a $249 PILATESremix +BEYOND500 plan or give the gift that keeps on giving and purchase a BEYOND gift card for someone special.   Get and give the body on everyone’s wishlist this year!

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Team Spotlight – Brandi Marino

https://youtu.be/WHM3xTxiY6k WHO Brandi Marino   WHAT Founder of BEYOND Studios   ORIGINALLY FROM Los Angeles   FITNESS PERSONALITY work hard / play hard   MY EVERYDAY MANTRA You can do anything for 20 seconds.   MY BEYOND MOMENT When I realized adding the trampoline to my workouts made my legs leaner and I felt [...]

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BEYOND 500 Defined

Meet the newer, safer—but just as body-transforming—alternative to high-intensity interval training, BEYOND500.  Cardio intensity reformed.   Amped-up Pilates reformers? Trampoline cardio? Cy-cho indoor cycling? Nope, not at BEYOND500.  It’s combination of interval-style training incorporating specialized “CURVE” treadmills with the Pilates chair apparatus & Kettlebells.   The CURVE, a.k.a Human Hamster Wheel, is 30% more effective than a conventional [...]

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My first 500

I consider myself fairly fit. I lift 4-5 days a week and make it to BEYOND Pilates a couple times a week. But I have little to no endurance and loathe cardio. Seriously, my version of cardio is the happy dance I do when my Dominos Pizza Tracker says "Joan is en route" with my deep [...]

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