BEYOND Studios Wins D Magazine’s Best of Big D 2015

We have amazing news to share, Dallas! BEYOND Studios was selected as Editors' Choice Best Fitness Program for 2015. On newsstands now around Dallas, D Magazine’s August “Best of Big D” issue features BEYOND Studios and other Big D winners, and we couldn't be more thrilled that we’ve been selected.   Reaching this accolade would [...]

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Cheers to a Fun and Healthy Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is synonymous with hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and drinks by the pool. What’s not to love? But does the start of summer mean the end of your healthy diet and poolside ready figure you’ve been working so hard to achieve at BEYOND Studios? Absolutely not.   In order to stay healthy and [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions: 90-days in

Next week, 2015 will be 90-days old. Yes, already! Ninety days ago we started the dreaded New Year’s resolutions. You probably either gave up smoking, decided to live healthier, or maybe even began an exciting exercise regime with BEYOND Studios. And it wasn’t easy. For starters, back in January the focus of a lot of [...]

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Bride-To-Be Goes BEYOND

Oct. 4, 2014 was the day that my fiancé proposed to me. It was the most exciting and overwhelming day of my life in all the best ways.  Oct. 5, 2014 was the day that I realized that I was physically in the worst shape of my life and that honeymooning was now right around [...]

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Go BEYOND with John

Meet John Boerger. John is one of our newest BEYOND Studios instructors and we’re thrilled that he’s joined our roster of incredibly talented trainers. You may have already sweat it out next to John or booked one of his fierce Friday morning classes at BEYOND500 Henderson.   Recently, we sat down with John to pick [...]

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Show Your Heart the Love

February is a month when hearts take center stage. And not just for Valentine’s Day. We’re talking American Heart Health Month, and we want to remind our clients the importance of showing your ticker a little more T-L-C to prevent medical conditions related to heart disease and stroke. More than one million Americans suffer a [...]

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Be Mine. Go BEYOND.

Don’t panic, but there are just four more days until February 1.   Already, the greeting card aisles at Target are blushing red and pink with the usual sweet greetings from Hallmark. The shelves in the candy section are bursting with giant heart shaped boxes filled with sugary confections. And the kiddos are carefully selecting [...]

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We could sit here all day and tell you how wonderful we think our workout is, but why would we do that when you can hear from some of our clients who have experienced the greatest losses and gains through our workout. We recently asked some of our beloved clients to commit to a BEYOND [...]

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Tis the season, and lets be honest, we know what is on everyone's wish list this year.... a BEYOND body!   And we've made it super easy Purchase a $249 PILATESremix +BEYOND500 plan or give the gift that keeps on giving and purchase a BEYOND gift card for someone special.   Get and give the body on everyone’s wishlist this year!

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The Assassin’s Holiday

There are many ways you may know her. You may know her as the creative entrepreneur who brought the first reformer group fitness class to Dallas. The woman who pushed the envelope and took all traditional forms of exercise "beyond" their limits. She's the one who helped you achieve strength that you never knew you [...]

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