We could sit here all day and tell you how wonderful we think our workout is, but why would we do that when you can hear from some of our clients who have experienced the greatest losses and gains through our workout. We recently asked some of our beloved clients to commit to a BEYOND workout 4x a week for 4-6 weeks and record their experience. The testimony below is from a fine gentleman, Reed Robertson, who discovered what going BEYOND means.


I’ll start by admitting fitness has never been my thing. I normally only run if I am being chased and even then it’s a toss up. So when a friend of mine recommend I try BEYOND classes with him I was extremely skeptical.


Friends of mine flourish at the gym and others have exceled at boot camps. Super happy for them but such has not been the case for me. The only reason I have attended those classes before is to have a legitimate reason to wear fun workout clothes (you know you’ve done it too). It’s also important to know that I am not a competitive person. I would rather us all harmonize to Dolly Parton and make challah than worry about who gets ranked first.


For me working out has always been in that archetype; you know who is the best and who is the worst within the first five minutes. So you can imagine my surprise when taking my first BEYOND500 and BEYOND Pilates classes that I felt nothing but the opposite. It was like I was in a room full of friends working towards a common goal. As after school special as it sounds, I really feel like I’ve found my niche within the fitness community with the BEYOND studios. Group fitness has provided me with an awesome ability to feel encouraged and not brought down by who is the best.


Another hurdle I have always faced is that I seem plateau like crazy. I’e never felt like I’m continually working on new things in my various and, albeit, limited routines. I consider this my number one positive call out about Beyond. They have cultivated such a wide array of trainers who all come from different backgrounds, techniques, and strengths, which in turn allows you to rarely feel like you’re taking the same class twice. The trainers are so encouraging of your fitness journey. yes I said fitness journey, if I am doing this I am incorporating Oprah speak as much as I can. From giving you positive call outs in class, to offering to stay after and discuss technique and great stretches, the BEYOND trainers genuinely care about making you the best athlete you can be. I’ve never felt comfortable even calling myself an athlete before. Professional shoe enthusiast? Sure. Avid Hollywood gossip mule? Naturally. But, athlete? Not so much. However, with my experience at BEYOND, I truly feel like I have become the version of an athlete I have always wanted to be.


I know people always want to know the results in waistline equivalents and OMG my JBrand skinnies from college finally fit again, which for the record I have experienced (I seriously wish winter shorts were a thing for men because my calves are everything). What I’m gauging my results on most has been my overall outlook. I have been so much happier since starting this journey. I am more active, running around taking care of business and genuinely more positive in my life. I work on my feet eight hours a day, five days a week, and although that is extremely active, I’m normally wiped out and done by the time I get home. but with what I have learned and for sure EARNED with Beyond is an extension to enjoy my life more. I wake up everyday well rested and a little bit sore and I cannot tell you how great that feels. It’s like my own little badge of honor for continuing to do my best in these classes. Which its important to stress again, is all that is expected of you. We are told multiple times through class that this is YOUR workout, and do with it what you want, so why wouldn’t you put your best foot (with a gorgeous Calf attached no less) forward? Whereas normally I would rather be poked in the eye with a dull needle than go work out, now it’s literally my very own Sophie’s Choice between which workout to do that day BEYOND500 or BEYOND Pilates!!! I attribute that 100% to the fact that in my mind now I am not going to work out, I am going Beyond; Beyond my expectation and Beyond my own abilities to push myself to be better. I am indebted to Beyond and their amazing family of trainers because they made it possible for me to become not only a better athlete, but a better version of myself. Start your journey today, you wont regret it!
– Reed Robertson