BEYOND500 client Erin Benson loves to run. In fact, she’s been an avid runner for most of her life. We wanted to know what motivates Erin to keep her stride up and how the Woodway Curves featured in our BEYOND500 classes have assisted and improved her running technique.


BEYONDblog: What motivated you to start your first BEYOND500 class?


Erin: I have known Elissa for years and she has always impressed me. She talked me into going, and I have never looked back. Running exclusively wasn’t giving me the results I wanted physically and Beyond500 classes are changing that.



BEYONDblog: What’s your favorite BEYOND500 exercise that keeps you motivated to keep returning and going beyond?


Erin: The Woodway Curve is a beast. There’s a love/hate relationship there for sure. I’ve always struggled with my core strength, and so I’m still trying to figure out how to nail the kettlebell deadlift.



BEYONDblog: After running on the Woodway Curve, how has your running technique changed in terms of your stride, pace, and endurance?



Erin: I really use the Woodway Curve in terms of getting my speed workouts in. I go to Beyond500 three days a week and run three days on the road. My endurance has always been there, but the curve helps with straightening my form and I have cut off a good six minutes from my six mile run in less than six months.



BEYONDblog: When not working on your run at BEYOND500, how else do you get your run on?


Erin: Literally at RunOn on Mockingbird. I am in the early Fall marathon training group there. I’m currently training for marathon number 12 in October in St. George, Utah.



BEYONDblog: How did you begin your journey to become such an avid runner?


Erin: I grew up in Plano and after a disastrous drill team tryout I needed to find my “thing.” So a P.E. coach recommended to my mom that I join the cross-country team. I ran for Plano High School and have just kept running ever since. I would have a massive bill from a therapist otherwise. Running is good for the soul.



BEYONDblog: What motivates you to live an active and healthy lifestyle?


Erin: I am a “life balance” person. I love to eat and enjoying that glass of vino after a long day is my jam. I just like the way being active makes me feel. I’m also a morning person, so getting my workout in before work sets the tone for my day.



BEYONDblog: What is your go-to post run snack to keep you going?


Erin: Brown rice cakes with almond butter and that Starbucks addiction.



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